Month: December 2015

Dragonz Slot: Microgaming Automat looks childish but has it in it

We have already found the seven Dragonballs, but it was certainly not easy. In numerous episodes we had to watch two Super Saiyajins face each other and sweat. So many hours went by where we couldn’t do our homework. Is this going on with Dragon now and is it worth playing the slot machine with the cute little dragons?

In our test we will check if Dragonz, if the new slot machine from Microgaming can tie in with the quality of Lost Vegas, or if you can lean back a little more. Of course, we hope Microgaming will maintain its high quality standards and have therefore carefully checked Dragonz for our popular Technical Features criteria, such as bonuses and winnings. The result is now!

Technical Features

Dragonz is a 5 reel slot machine with 3 symbols per reel. This feature is always very popular among players because most players follow this format and the player knows where he is. The more paylines the better and so you can look forward to having 243 ways to win at Dragonz. One of these ways will always be free, won’t it?

When you spin the reels and get the symbols going, it’s almost like Sunday nights in front of the TV. Good entertainment promises not only the exciting game principle, but also the loving and at the same time modern presentation. Childlike kites that have just dropped their bottle join other kites that no longer need diapers. In short, Dragonz completely relies on cute kites that appear to our complete satisfaction on a graphically outstanding level.

So you’ve got a desire to play? Then you should know with what budget you can play Dragonz. As usual with Microgaming, you can bet coins of different denominations and decide how many coins you want to bet per line. While the coin value is only selectable from 1 to 5 cents, you can bet up to 15 coins on a line or just leave it at one coin. Due to the high number of winning combinations, you can bet from 40 cents to 30 euros.

bonuses and winnings

All the technical aspects of the game put aside, you can win money with Dragonz at all?

As you can imagine, the payout behavior of Dragonz has nothing to do with the little dragons. In fact, a slot machine doesn’t care if it’s on Wrigley’s or Rolex’s reels – payouts are always independent. So now we can fully concentrate on the features of bonuses and winnings.

Dragonz of course has a wild symbol. Do I need an explanation? Doesn’t everyone already know that a wild symbol replaces all other symbols? Well, then we all agree that we don’t have to explain it long and wide first. Only this much maybe: Wild symbols can’t replace all symbols, but only regular symbols and no scatter.

Apropos Scatter: The scatter symbol occurs randomly and has to be sighted only twice and already the win is certain. The more scatter you see, the higher the winnings.

But that’s not all. The scatter only has to appear three times and there are free spins. How these free spins are played depends on which dragon is diving out. Is it Flint, the red dragon, or is it Switch, Frost and Gobble? All four dragons sweeten the free spins with features like a fire that makes rolling wild. So thanks to all the extras, Dragonz is a worthy game that you as a player should definitely have a look at. The graphics are strong and the winnings are numerous.