Month: June 2017

Fields of Fortune Slot: Playtech makes the jackpot grow and grow

When you feed flowers with cola or something stronger, you probably get something like that. Fields of Fortune is a slot machine from Playtech, which is about wild flowers. We suppose. The theme is quite unusual, but the plants in the game are really nice. We believe that the plants are not vegetarians, but rather carnivorous plants. The dandelion that actually looks like a little lion is a good hint. Of course we don’t want to scare the vegans among us, but the little flowers only partly look nice. Maybe it is the experiment of a crazy professor? Let’s find out and go to the green flower garden. With protective clothing. And rake. Ha!

Technical features

The Fields of Fortune slot machine from Playtech has five reels and is located in a very well-kept green park landscape or a small garden. The symbols on the reels are quite contradictory little flowers that look cute to turn into quite bigmouthed plants with sharp teeth. The symbols on the reels are: the dandelion with a lion’s face, a poppy flower, also with a face, a small purple dragon representing a lily, a signpost as a scatter symbol, the rose as a wild symbol, the power scatter symbol the scarecrow, a watering can, a spade and a small rake crossing each other and a deck of cards. The numbers and letters on the deck are made of peas, carrots and radishes. There are K, Q, J and 10. Playtech has a minimum bet of €0.25 and a maximum bet of €60 on this slot machine. This is exactly the right solution to satisfy both risky and cautious players. So you have enough choices to correctly assess your risk and maybe bet a little lower until the next lucky streak starts again. An autoplay function is of course also available here, and you can run up to 50 games if you don’t feel like pressing the spin button again and again. Players who may have got hungry from all the green stuff in between can make a delicious salad, meat salad for example.

bonuses and winnings

As with all slot machines there are also Fields of Fortune symbols that pay off well, and some that pay off rather little. The deck of cards made from vegetables contains the lowest symbols in the game. The symbols that pay high winnings are the animal flowers and the gardening tools.

The special symbols here are the scatter and wild symbols. Let’s start with the scatters. The scatter symbol is a signpost that says “Scatter”. When three or more scatter symbols land on the reels, the Free Spins feature is triggered and the player receives Free Spins. He can then choose between spinning carrots or parsnips. Then there is the Scarecrow, which is a Power Scatter icon. When the feature bet is activated, the total bet is doubled and scatters are increased. The Power Scatter is used. If the scatter is increased, these free spins can even trigger a position above or below the reels.

There are expanding wild symbols in Fields of Fortune. Wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, then expand and fill the entire reel. The rose is the wild symbol here and it turns from a cute rose girl into a lovely rose lady (if you can even say that about a flower…). However, the rose only expands if a profit can be made. The flower symbols can also turn into wild under the right circumstances and then become full-grown monster flowers. The dandelion is then no longer a small cute lion, but a huge teeth-bleeding lion! You can replace any symbol, except streuboni.

Fields of Fortune also offers free spins. There are two free game modes, the carrot game and the parsnip game. Both free play modes run until the player hits four scatters on the last reel.

With the carrot variant, the multiplier is increased when a scatter appears. In the parsnip mode there is the variant that one of the higher symbols turns into a game as soon as a scatter appears.

This way you can make good profits! Who has nothing against a lot of green stuff, maybe even vegetarians, but also nothing against psychoactive plants (because these are definitely …), he will feel comfortable with Fields of Fortune. We were able to achieve quite a nice turnover and would therefore say: try it over study!