Month: April 2018

Gonzo’s Quest Slot

The situation is hopeless, but not serious. Gonzo, the likeable conquistador with the bulbous nose is on his way to South America to find the legendary Eldorado and of course he needs our help to find the gold treasure. With Gonzo’s Quest Slot you go online with the search, and it has some surprises in store.

Gonzo’s Quest online play

Gonzo’s Quest is an unusual and therefore especially popular online slot. The gameplay is very different, and the prize payout is different from most online slots. You can find Gonzo’s Quest in many different casinos, and the best of them are our partners. You can also play Gonzo’s Quest for free if you like. Try it, it’s called studying.

Gonzo’s Quest gameplay and graphics

The first visual impression you get of Gonzo’s Quest is consistently positive. The surface is light-footed and with bright colors, and the hero is of course immediately in the field of vision.

Gonzo is almost always present. Usually he stands next to the playing field and watches exactly what happens, but in winning series he sometimes lets the cow fly. This ranges from cheering outbursts to the Michael Jackson Memory Moonwalk on the whole monitor.

Luckily Gonzo reminds more of Grobi from Sesame Street or the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings than of his actual role model. The figure is officially based on Gonzalo Pizarro, one of the Pizarro brothers who participated in the bloody colonization of South America in the 1530s.

True, however, is that Pizarro led expeditions into the jungle on the Scuhe for the fabulous cinnamon land. He never found it – or just didn’t admit it?

In any case, his career as a conquistador on the scaffold ends, and our Gonzo has clearly caught the more pleasant fate.

p>The real highlight of Gonzo’s Quest is the modified Gameplay compared to standard slot machines. There are no rollers and no rotation. Instead, the individual symbols fall down like building blocks from above and then rumble into position.

This is cleverly done and provides a whole new gaming experience. With this slot you also like to watch how the game is played. The old, rune-like symbols, the brick-like optical structure, they create an atmosphere reminiscent of South American pyramids and the ancient civilization of the Incas, which has long since passed away.

This already begins with the atmospheric opening credits, which briefly tell the story of Gonzo. An animated film in cinema quality and a nice introduction to the game.

Decisive for Gonzo’s Quest is not the amount of the prizes, but their number. About 40% of the rounds lead to winnings. That’s an extraordinary amount and gives the impression of constantly being one of the winners.

But if there should be a series, the profit increases exponentially, and this is due to the special feature of Gonzo’s Quest.