Month: December 2018

Snowflakes Slot: NextGen Gaming plays in the snow with cool Wilds

Maybe one or the other has enough of snow again, but we recommend to make an exception here. NextGen Gaming has developed the slot machine Snowflakes and brings the players into an icy dream landscape with thousands and thousands of different snowflakes. For Arctic explorers, hobby lugers and figure skaters this is the right slot machine, but also for everyone who wants to win generously. NextGen Gaming doesn’t disappoint most of the time and guarantees good chances for the players. This slot machine might make us shiver a bit, but on the other hand the winter landscape reminds us of the movie classic “Dr. Zhivago”, in which Omar Sharif has to fight his way through the ice hells of Russia, which was shaken by the October Revolution. The younger players won’t know the film, it was shot in 1965. Our tip: watch! But of course only when luck has been put to the test with Snowflakes. Or you can press Autoplay. Here we go!

Technical features

The Snowflakes slot machine from NextGen Gaming is relatively average at first glance. There are five reels and 25 paylines. As soon as you open the slot machine, the ice crystals glitter for the bet. Because they all look different, NextGen Gaming has put the snowflakes under the microscope. So there are snowflakes in all shades and all geometric shapes. The background of the rollers is an evening or night snow landscape, shortly before one sees northern lights. At the beginning of the game the wild symbols are displayed, which are different in this slot machine. There are Icy Wild, Frozen Wild and Wild Winds. We’ll get to the features later. Players can play from as little as 0.01€. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the bet can be increased to only 20€, then it’s over. NextGen Gaming has set the lowest minimum bet that is possible, which is nice as players with a small budget can also play. However, the maximum bet is clearly set too low. From time to time you have a lucky streak and then of course want to use a higher bet to make it pay off.

The symbols on the reels are snowflakes and vary in size from small to large. The colours also differ slightly and are ice pink or snow white. The larger ones have a higher value than the smaller ones.

bonuses and winnings

The scatter symbol in Snowflakes is a huge round ice crystal (we assume it is one) that shimmers blue-pink. A payout takes place in any position, regardless of which reel the scatter symbol is on. Scattered winnings are multiplied by the bet. Once 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear, the player receives 7, 10 or 15 Free Spins, depending on the position. All wild symbols on the reels remain on the free spins and the free spins feature can be re-triggered.

The wild symbols in this game work slightly differently than in other slot machines. The Icy Wild feature can be assigned at any round. Up to five symbols (one per reel) can become one game. The Wild Wind feature and the Frozen Wild work similarly.

NextGen Gaming has designed a nice slot machine that doesn’t come as a surprise visually, but contains a few nice features. We didn’t get nothing out of the test game, but you can accept a few more sub-zero temperatures, or?