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At the Copa Slot: Betsoft dances at the coast of Rio de Janeiro

Un, dos, tres, blah blah something with Maria! We forgot the exact lyrics and Ricky Martin could sing the song better anyway, but with the slot machine At the Copa from Betsoft, we immediately feel transported back to the time when Latin music was all the rage! In At the Copa Betsoft brings us to the Copa Cabana, more precisely to a dance hall in a cozy night, where you can hardly save yourself from cocktails and women. We don’t care about winter and expertly swing our hips to hot rhythms and even hotter dance teachers. Where is the nearest airport? We want to go immediately to Rio de Janeiro!

Technical characteristics

To make sure we find our way in the game, there is the dance teacher in the red dress. Isn’t that nice from Betsoft? Every time the reels turn, the apparition in the red dress dances to itself and freaks out completely when it wins. The best dance movements she shows the player right at the beginning, the intro of At the Copa shows the dance teacher with two dancers, both of whom could somehow be Ricky Martin. Or maybe not. In any case, they are both attracted to the lady!

At the Copa has five reels and 30 paylines. The reels are covered by a straw hut standing on the dance floor in the club. In the background we see the bar and the lanterns ringing in this dance night. The music is really cool, rhythmic and hot and has put us in the mood for winnings. The symbols on the reels are: Dancer 1, dancer 2, drums, dancing shoes, flamingo, trumpet, the dancer in the red dress, rattles, cocktail and, well, a pepperoni. It probably stands for how hot the game is. The graphics in the game are very good and Betsoft has really done something here. For dancers who prefer to take small dance steps, it starts from 0,02 €. This can be increased step by step or you can increase it to the maximum amount of 75 €.

bonuses and winnings

The features in At the Copa are a bit unusual. When three dance shoe symbols appear, you have to decide which of the two dancers is allowed to dance with the lady in red. There are also ten free spins for the dancing shoe. During the free spins the chosen couple dances around and the male dance partner acts as a wild symbol. And the dating continues: When the symbol with the three protagonists appears, the player has to choose between the men again, which finally releases the multiplier.

Not to forget the double up feature, where you flip a coin and either double your previous win or fail and lose everything!

At the Copa offers a lot of chances to help your luck. And with great sounds in the background. We really enjoyed the Betsoft slot machine and had a lot of fun with the little dance moves of the hot-blooded characters! We can only recommend every player to try it, the luck lies on the dance floor of the Copa Cabana!

Gonzo’s Quest Slot

The situation is hopeless, but not serious. Gonzo, the likeable conquistador with the bulbous nose is on his way to South America to find the legendary Eldorado and of course he needs our help to find the gold treasure. With Gonzo’s Quest Slot you go online with the search, and it has some surprises in store.

Gonzo’s Quest online play

Gonzo’s Quest is an unusual and therefore especially popular online slot. The gameplay is very different, and the prize payout is different from most online slots. You can find Gonzo’s Quest in many different casinos, and the best of them are our partners. You can also play Gonzo’s Quest for free if you like. Try it, it’s called studying.

Gonzo’s Quest gameplay and graphics

The first visual impression you get of Gonzo’s Quest is consistently positive. The surface is light-footed and with bright colors, and the hero is of course immediately in the field of vision.

Gonzo is almost always present. Usually he stands next to the playing field and watches exactly what happens, but in winning series he sometimes lets the cow fly. This ranges from cheering outbursts to the Michael Jackson Memory Moonwalk on the whole monitor.

Luckily Gonzo reminds more of Grobi from Sesame Street or the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings than of his actual role model. The figure is officially based on Gonzalo Pizarro, one of the Pizarro brothers who participated in the bloody colonization of South America in the 1530s.

True, however, is that Pizarro led expeditions into the jungle on the Scuhe for the fabulous cinnamon land. He never found it – or just didn’t admit it?

In any case, his career as a conquistador on the scaffold ends, and our Gonzo has clearly caught the more pleasant fate.

p>The real highlight of Gonzo’s Quest is the modified Gameplay compared to standard slot machines. There are no rollers and no rotation. Instead, the individual symbols fall down like building blocks from above and then rumble into position.

This is cleverly done and provides a whole new gaming experience. With this slot you also like to watch how the game is played. The old, rune-like symbols, the brick-like optical structure, they create an atmosphere reminiscent of South American pyramids and the ancient civilization of the Incas, which has long since passed away.

This already begins with the atmospheric opening credits, which briefly tell the story of Gonzo. An animated film in cinema quality and a nice introduction to the game.

Decisive for Gonzo’s Quest is not the amount of the prizes, but their number. About 40% of the rounds lead to winnings. That’s an extraordinary amount and gives the impression of constantly being one of the winners.

But if there should be a series, the profit increases exponentially, and this is due to the special feature of Gonzo’s Quest.

Ethereum Casinos 2019 – Deposit and Withdrawal

The crypto currency Ethereum has recently made almost as many headlines as its predecessor Bitcoin. The online casino scene has also become aware of this and has included Ethereum in its list of payment methods in order to make payment transfers easier for customers. On this page you will find instructions on how to use Ethereum in online casinos. Note: You cannot buy Ethereum in online casinos!

Which casinos accept Ethereum? – November 2019

The crypto currency Ethereum in online casinos

Ethereum is a relatively new, innovative computer platform that has seen enormous growth spurts in 2017. It was originally developed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, who at that time had a simple but not easy plan.

The groundbreaking, decentralised blockchain technology was still in its infancy, but some clever minds already recognised its potential. In July 2015, it finally went online, with a base capital of 11.9 million ethers. Ethereum is organized with the help of the “Ethereum Virtual Machine”, which uses a decentralized network to create, manage and execute scripts and thus create its own blockchain.

Ethereum differs from Bitcoin in one crucial point, which we will come to shortly. First of all, it should be noted that Ehtereum is a platform, while the actual crypto currency is called “ether”. Ethereum is the platform that produces ether.

Ether can be transferred back and forth between participating computers or accounts. In addition one can pay thereby participating computers with the help of a Smart Contracts in such a way specified. Ether is the second most popular crypto currency after Bitcoin.

But ether can be significantly more than Bitcoin. While it is based on the same blockchain principle – a decentralized system that stores all transactions and units of currency – it goes one step further by being able to control and execute computer programs.

The connection of Ethereum to online casinos

The Ethereum course experienced several explosive increases in 2017.  Thanks to the rapidly evolving technology, the emergence of crypto currencies (see also Bitcoin Casinos) has led to a technological quantum leap. Online casinos have recognized this development and started to accept crypto currencies as means of payment. So far it is only a handful of casinos, but their number is growing steadily.

All online casinos that work with Ethereum try to give you the feeling of visiting a real casino in the City of Longing, as you will eventually actually do.

We have listed the most important factors to consider when using Ethereum Online Wallets for your casino visit on this page.

Deposits with Ethereum

Step 1: Register with an Ethereum Casino and find the deposit option
To make a deposit, you first need a casino account. So select an Ethereum Casino and go to the Deposit page. Choose Ether or Ethereum as your payment option.

Step 2: Make a deposit of the amount you have chosen
Enter the amount you would like to deposit.

Step 3: Transfer Ether
When you are finished, send the order to the address Ethereum Casino offers you. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and authorize the transfer.

Step 4: Wait for the transfer to be confirmed
If you have completed the transfer, just wait for the process to appear in your Ethereum personal account.

Withdrawals with Ethereum

Step 1: Go to the page of your casino where withdrawals are made
You have won? Congratulations! Now comes the reward. Go to the Payout Options screen and select Ethereum.

Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
Type in the amount you would like to have available and click the button to confirm.

Ethereum Casino Games

When you choose an Ethereum Casino, you will have access to the same selection of games as other casinos that do not accept Ethereum.

So you can expect the full range of online slots, a selection of casino table games, several variations of blackjack, the traditional James Bond game Baccarat and of course the good old red or black, also known as roulette.

Games such as Pai Gow Poker and Caribbean Stud have also become a natural part of the gaming offerings of every good online casino these days. Many online casinos that accept Ethereum as a means of payment have responded to the wishes of their guests and also offer their games for mobile devices.

Now you no longer have to wait until you are at home, but can dedicate yourself to your favourite games on the go, provided you have a SmartPhone, a tablet or something similar with you. But who doesn’t.

Ethereum – Glossary

The topic of crypto currency is admittedly quite complicated. To make it easier for you to understand, we have explained a few terms here that you will come across again and again in this area.

A data set that is continuously expanded and records all processes that are related to a crypto currency. It is quasi an accounting without an accountant. The concept is so new, that today it is the oldest active blockchain of Bitcoin.

It stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”; a DAO does not need conventional committees like for example a board of directors, because it is organized decentrally. The structure of the organization is laid down in a Smart Contract.

Supposes “Decentralized Apps”, which basically look like a website, but are not connected to a server, but to the Blockchain.

Name of the currency that produces Ethereum. In fact, the platform can be used to generate a large number of other currencies that can be traded as so-called “tokens” for ether.

Also called crypto money, the term digital means of payment, or virtual money. Digital encryption is used to make the currency and all transfers made with it more secure than with conventional means of payment.

A principle for creating new currency blocks. Individual members of the network join together to make their computing power available to the network. In return, they get the chance to receive a part of the units at the next new issue.

Nodes are “nodes” or nodes of a network, i.e. the participating computers.

Smart Contracts
These are computer programs or protocols that “map or review contracts or technically support the negotiation or execution of a contract” (Wikipedia). This makes the conventional paper contract obsolete.