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At the Copa Slot: Betsoft dances at the coast of Rio de Janeiro

Un, dos, tres, blah blah something with Maria! We forgot the exact lyrics and Ricky Martin could sing the song better anyway, but with the slot machine At the Copa from Betsoft, we immediately feel transported back to the time when Latin music was all the rage! In At the Copa Betsoft brings us to the Copa Cabana, more precisely to a dance hall in a cozy night, where you can hardly save yourself from cocktails and women. We don’t care about winter and expertly swing our hips to hot rhythms and even hotter dance teachers. Where is the nearest airport? We want to go immediately to Rio de Janeiro!

Technical characteristics

To make sure we find our way in the game, there is the dance teacher in the red dress. Isn’t that nice from Betsoft? Every time the reels turn, the apparition in the red dress dances to itself and freaks out completely when it wins. The best dance movements she shows the player right at the beginning, the intro of At the Copa shows the dance teacher with two dancers, both of whom could somehow be Ricky Martin. Or maybe not. In any case, they are both attracted to the lady!

At the Copa has five reels and 30 paylines. The reels are covered by a straw hut standing on the dance floor in the club. In the background we see the bar and the lanterns ringing in this dance night. The music is really cool, rhythmic and hot and has put us in the mood for winnings. The symbols on the reels are: Dancer 1, dancer 2, drums, dancing shoes, flamingo, trumpet, the dancer in the red dress, rattles, cocktail and, well, a pepperoni. It probably stands for how hot the game is. The graphics in the game are very good and Betsoft has really done something here. For dancers who prefer to take small dance steps, it starts from 0,02 €. This can be increased step by step or you can increase it to the maximum amount of 75 €.

bonuses and winnings

The features in At the Copa are a bit unusual. When three dance shoe symbols appear, you have to decide which of the two dancers is allowed to dance with the lady in red. There are also ten free spins for the dancing shoe. During the free spins the chosen couple dances around and the male dance partner acts as a wild symbol. And the dating continues: When the symbol with the three protagonists appears, the player has to choose between the men again, which finally releases the multiplier.

Not to forget the double up feature, where you flip a coin and either double your previous win or fail and lose everything!

At the Copa offers a lot of chances to help your luck. And with great sounds in the background. We really enjoyed the Betsoft slot machine and had a lot of fun with the little dance moves of the hot-blooded characters! We can only recommend every player to try it, the luck lies on the dance floor of the Copa Cabana!

Snowflakes Slot: NextGen Gaming plays in the snow with cool Wilds

Maybe one or the other has enough of snow again, but we recommend to make an exception here. NextGen Gaming has developed the slot machine Snowflakes and brings the players into an icy dream landscape with thousands and thousands of different snowflakes. For Arctic explorers, hobby lugers and figure skaters this is the right slot machine, but also for everyone who wants to win generously. NextGen Gaming doesn’t disappoint most of the time and guarantees good chances for the players. This slot machine might make us shiver a bit, but on the other hand the winter landscape reminds us of the movie classic “Dr. Zhivago”, in which Omar Sharif has to fight his way through the ice hells of Russia, which was shaken by the October Revolution. The younger players won’t know the film, it was shot in 1965. Our tip: watch! But of course only when luck has been put to the test with Snowflakes. Or you can press Autoplay. Here we go!

Technical features

The Snowflakes slot machine from NextGen Gaming is relatively average at first glance. There are five reels and 25 paylines. As soon as you open the slot machine, the ice crystals glitter for the bet. Because they all look different, NextGen Gaming has put the snowflakes under the microscope. So there are snowflakes in all shades and all geometric shapes. The background of the rollers is an evening or night snow landscape, shortly before one sees northern lights. At the beginning of the game the wild symbols are displayed, which are different in this slot machine. There are Icy Wild, Frozen Wild and Wild Winds. We’ll get to the features later. Players can play from as little as 0.01€. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the bet can be increased to only 20€, then it’s over. NextGen Gaming has set the lowest minimum bet that is possible, which is nice as players with a small budget can also play. However, the maximum bet is clearly set too low. From time to time you have a lucky streak and then of course want to use a higher bet to make it pay off.

The symbols on the reels are snowflakes and vary in size from small to large. The colours also differ slightly and are ice pink or snow white. The larger ones have a higher value than the smaller ones.

bonuses and winnings

The scatter symbol in Snowflakes is a huge round ice crystal (we assume it is one) that shimmers blue-pink. A payout takes place in any position, regardless of which reel the scatter symbol is on. Scattered winnings are multiplied by the bet. Once 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear, the player receives 7, 10 or 15 Free Spins, depending on the position. All wild symbols on the reels remain on the free spins and the free spins feature can be re-triggered.

The wild symbols in this game work slightly differently than in other slot machines. The Icy Wild feature can be assigned at any round. Up to five symbols (one per reel) can become one game. The Wild Wind feature and the Frozen Wild work similarly.

NextGen Gaming has designed a nice slot machine that doesn’t come as a surprise visually, but contains a few nice features. We didn’t get nothing out of the test game, but you can accept a few more sub-zero temperatures, or?

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot: Yggdrasil Plays the Sherlock

You like to look crime scene and Indiana Jones is one of your favorites? That’s a good thing, because in Holmes and the Stolen Stones you and Holmes go in search of the stolen gems. But watch out, the thief could be lurking around every corner! The suspense is so high that the screen almost bursts as you piece by piece collect the fractions of gems to get close to solving the 5 jackpots.

In the past, we were never disappointed by Yggdrasil’s expertise in developing slot machines. Yggdrasil has always managed to captivate players with fresh designs, modern graphics and appropriate music. Hunger, thirst, back pain? That’s all secondary when Yggdrasil’s machines turn your head! But is that also true of Holmes and the Stolen Stones? We’ll find out for you.

Technical Features

Although you won’t see any reels or reels in Holmes and the Stoles Stones, it’s a classic 3 row, 5 column slot machine. You play with fixed 20 paylines on which you can bet anything from €0.01 to €2.00. This makes bets from €0.20 to €40 possible. If you have chosen your favorite bet, you can also simply use the Autoplay mode, which Yggdrasil has provided with a variety of options.

Graphic is Holmes and the Stoles Stones a little reticent. It has to be mentioned that the animations of the symbols are well done. If Holmes is part of a payline, you can watch him make a move out of his pipe. If you win with Watson, he lowers his head and pulls the glasses down to the tip of his nose, then puts them back on again. We love these details in slot machines and honestly, that’s one of the reasons why we prefer video slots to physical slots in the casino.

The good artwork combined with the exciting music makes us feel like Holmes took us on a quest for the gems. In the middle of it instead of only thereby, rarely a slogan fit better to a slot machine like this. If you want, you can play Holmes and the Stolen Stones on your laptop. But if you get too excited, you can also grab the phone, walk around the living room and play Holmes and the Stolen Stones. Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon to us!

bonuses and winnings

Yggdrasils goes all out! On the search for the gems Holmes ends up in a warehouse where boxes are stacked. Well, does that sound like a bonus game? That’s right, and there’s a cash prize or a smoke bomb in every box. Of course a smoke bomb can’t promise anything good. And so it is. If you catch the smoke bomb, the bonus game is over. Until then you can unpack all the boxes and bag the coins. And how do you start the bonus game? For that there are the scatter symbols with door lock. Three or more scatters open the door to the warehouse directly.

Of course there are also free spins in Holmes and the Stolen Stones. With three free spins scatter symbols there are 10 free spins for you. If you find four or five of them, there is an additional high coin amount. But that’s not the only way to win free spins. The name-giving gems can be collected, or more precisely, the gem splinters. Five of these splinters make an intact gem after you glue it together with a glue stick. Or something like that.

When you have collected a gem, there are another 10 free spins and an x3 multiplier during those free spins. Collect five matching gems and win one of the jackpots. This is exciting! But not only that, you can win a lot with the very high quality symbols. 5 Holmes symbols in a payline make you the proud owner of 4,000 coins!

When we review our experiences with Holmes and the Stoles Stones, we can think back on many beautiful memories. Especially the free play mode, the bonus game in the warehouse and the search for the gems have pleased us very much. The presentation is as usual from Yggdrasil, quite excellent. We can recommend this slot machine with a clear conscience!

Gonzo’s Quest Slot

The situation is hopeless, but not serious. Gonzo, the likeable conquistador with the bulbous nose is on his way to South America to find the legendary Eldorado and of course he needs our help to find the gold treasure. With Gonzo’s Quest Slot you go online with the search, and it has some surprises in store.

Gonzo’s Quest online play

Gonzo’s Quest is an unusual and therefore especially popular online slot. The gameplay is very different, and the prize payout is different from most online slots. You can find Gonzo’s Quest in many different casinos, and the best of them are our partners. You can also play Gonzo’s Quest for free if you like. Try it, it’s called studying.

Gonzo’s Quest gameplay and graphics

The first visual impression you get of Gonzo’s Quest is consistently positive. The surface is light-footed and with bright colors, and the hero is of course immediately in the field of vision.

Gonzo is almost always present. Usually he stands next to the playing field and watches exactly what happens, but in winning series he sometimes lets the cow fly. This ranges from cheering outbursts to the Michael Jackson Memory Moonwalk on the whole monitor.

Luckily Gonzo reminds more of Grobi from Sesame Street or the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings than of his actual role model. The figure is officially based on Gonzalo Pizarro, one of the Pizarro brothers who participated in the bloody colonization of South America in the 1530s.

True, however, is that Pizarro led expeditions into the jungle on the Scuhe for the fabulous cinnamon land. He never found it – or just didn’t admit it?

In any case, his career as a conquistador on the scaffold ends, and our Gonzo has clearly caught the more pleasant fate.

p>The real highlight of Gonzo’s Quest is the modified Gameplay compared to standard slot machines. There are no rollers and no rotation. Instead, the individual symbols fall down like building blocks from above and then rumble into position.

This is cleverly done and provides a whole new gaming experience. With this slot you also like to watch how the game is played. The old, rune-like symbols, the brick-like optical structure, they create an atmosphere reminiscent of South American pyramids and the ancient civilization of the Incas, which has long since passed away.

This already begins with the atmospheric opening credits, which briefly tell the story of Gonzo. An animated film in cinema quality and a nice introduction to the game.

Decisive for Gonzo’s Quest is not the amount of the prizes, but their number. About 40% of the rounds lead to winnings. That’s an extraordinary amount and gives the impression of constantly being one of the winners.

But if there should be a series, the profit increases exponentially, and this is due to the special feature of Gonzo’s Quest.

Theme Park Slot: NetEnt with cute bonus slot machine

The Swedish game developer NetEnt is known for his ability to implement very different topics in the slot machines again and again. Sometimes the player may collect fruits, then it is about football and finally you go into an adventure with Gonzo and other great characters. Another idea was pursued for Theme Park. In this video slot you are invited to an adventure park, where the party is overflowing, but rather among the very young among us…

Squeaky ducks, colorful, sausage-shaped balloons and boxing cars are just some of the interesting symbols you will encounter at Theme Park. Have you ever dreamed of flying over the countryside in a propeller plane and throwing a party with the birds? The fact that we both had this dream makes it a shared dream that we share with many other children and adults. Can Net Entertainment deliver a slot machine that excites young and old alike?

Technical features

Theme Park is brightly colored. Yellow and blue dominate the exterior of this vending machine. Every now and then pink, purple and a little green are scattered. This candy effect is reinforced by the bright animations and effects and makes Theme Park a dream come true for children and adults who like to remember their childhood.

However, the slot machine is designed in an adult 5 reel, 15 symbol architecture. Stakes can be set up to the nouveau riche height of €250. If one has the money or wants to go risk, well, but if not, then one may also moderate employments of €0.25 transact. The 25 profit lines then regularly ensure winnings, which are often not too high. Basically, Theme Park is a machine that continuously makes winnings possible, but which is more likely to be found in the range of 1-5 times the stake.

Only when it comes to the bonus rounds or when the grab arm makes an extra win possible, Theme Park really pays off. But more about that now. You can either play each round yourself or use the Autoplay mode, which offers a perfect combination of control and freedom with excellent settings. This machine is also perfect for putting our tricks for more winnings into action.

bonuses and winnings

Children also need a reward in the theme park. How about an ice cream or a delicious lollipop? But there must also be something for the adults. For example Wilds, Scatter and bonus games. And lo and behold, NetEnt has delivered!

The first positive surprise of the game is the Stacked Wild symbol in the form of one or more roller coasters. It can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and covers one to all three symbols. For those who are new to the fascination of the slot machine, we would like to mention that a game replaces all other symbols except the bonus or scatter symbol and thus provides more winnings.

Do you still know the devices with the plush animals that you had to get out of the glass box with a grab arm? Of course, this device must not be missing in an adventure park. Cuddly toys that hide under the automat can be pulled out when the symbol of the gripper arm appears on roll 5. The reward? A cuddly toy and 2 to 15 times the sum of the stake as a profit!

Now it’s really wild! Theme Park has several bonus games. One of them, the ticket game can be won by the appearance of three scatters. The ticket game consists of a wheel of fortune which, depending on when it stops, releases another ticket to win. With this ticket the player can then enter an attraction on the map of the adventure park.

However, there is a second wheel that can be played. The Theme Park Bonus Wheel can be rotated if the bonus symbol appears on the fifth reel. Then the bonus wheel can either be used to gain direct access to one of the attractions, or to win a round with the ticket game.

The actual bonus games are then the attractions, of which there are a total of six. Punch Bag, Can Tower, Sledge Hammer, Skee Ball, Fishing and Duck Shoot are all great winnings. So we advise everyone to lure scatter or bonus symbols onto the reels in order to try out these attractions.

All in all Theme Park was a lot of fun for us. The many fun bonus games and the cuddly design set Theme Park apart from the other slot machines. Well done, Net Entertainment!

Hugo Slot: Play’n GO sends the little guy on the reels

Thanks to Play’n GO!

Finally our hero of the early 90s is back. Hugo slept a long time after rescuing his family from the Hexana cave. But now he’s back and none other than Play’n GO shows the little troll the way to online casinos. We players can understand Hugo’s motivation well, because we know that the casino is the most beautiful place in the world!

Yes, Hugo is actually a game for children, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play the slot machine even if you’re a child. Because if you watched the Hugo series on TV in the early 90s, you’re definitely old enough to decide which game to play! Hugo is a classic and can be celebrated by young and old with exactly the same level of dedication.

We have looked at Hugo’s latest adventure and tell you if it’s worth reviving your childhood memories with this slot machine!

Technical Features

You can expect Play’n GO to deliver graphics that meet modern demands. And this is exactly the case. A beautiful design of the world, an authentic Hugo and a detailed symbol design make this machine an optical delicacy.

With regard to the game mechanics, Hugo is a completely normal slot machine. And we definitely mean that in a positive sense! All functions, which you also get with other slot machines, can be found with Hugo again.

The player can react with bets between one cent and 100 euros to his personal budget and play long, safe sessions, but also go the whole hog and increase the stake.

On the five reels you can see symbols such as numbers, dynamite, the evil Hexana, Hugo himself and much more. When the symbols are part of a prize, the fun really starts and the symbols are animated!

Nice detail: If you sit idly in front of the screen for a while, Hugo knocks on the screen and says, “Hello, someone at home? The fact that the synchronization of the lip movement and the sound is not quite exact doesn’t bother much and contributes to the charm of the machine.

Hugo can also be played excellently on a mobile phone. As the name Play’n GO already expresses, their games all let you play excellently on the go. Provided you have a working internet connection.

bonuses and winnings

Hugo is not too bad for any adventure. He runs through the woods, scrambles around in caves and fights evil adversaries. The player’s task is to lead Hugo through the cave in a bonus game and accumulate wealth in the process.

You have to decide which branches Hugo should take and which doors he should open to win the bonus game. If you get this far, keep a cool head and make a decision with a steady hand.

However, apart from the bonus game, there are a few things a good player should keep in mind. On the one hand wild symbols are waiting for you. These not only replace all other symbols, but also double the winnings!

anxious people should not look away when Hexana has her appearance. Because Hexana is the scatter in this game, who in addition to the other wins in the round brings a win.

Finally you should get the free spins. Also for this there is a scatter, for which it is worthwhile to play one or the other round more, in order to increase the chance of it!

Fields of Fortune Slot: Playtech makes the jackpot grow and grow

When you feed flowers with cola or something stronger, you probably get something like that. Fields of Fortune is a slot machine from Playtech, which is about wild flowers. We suppose. The theme is quite unusual, but the plants in the game are really nice. We believe that the plants are not vegetarians, but rather carnivorous plants. The dandelion that actually looks like a little lion is a good hint. Of course we don’t want to scare the vegans among us, but the little flowers only partly look nice. Maybe it is the experiment of a crazy professor? Let’s find out and go to the green flower garden. With protective clothing. And rake. Ha!

Technical features

The Fields of Fortune slot machine from Playtech has five reels and is located in a very well-kept green park landscape or a small garden. The symbols on the reels are quite contradictory little flowers that look cute to turn into quite bigmouthed plants with sharp teeth. The symbols on the reels are: the dandelion with a lion’s face, a poppy flower, also with a face, a small purple dragon representing a lily, a signpost as a scatter symbol, the rose as a wild symbol, the power scatter symbol the scarecrow, a watering can, a spade and a small rake crossing each other and a deck of cards. The numbers and letters on the deck are made of peas, carrots and radishes. There are K, Q, J and 10. Playtech has a minimum bet of €0.25 and a maximum bet of €60 on this slot machine. This is exactly the right solution to satisfy both risky and cautious players. So you have enough choices to correctly assess your risk and maybe bet a little lower until the next lucky streak starts again. An autoplay function is of course also available here, and you can run up to 50 games if you don’t feel like pressing the spin button again and again. Players who may have got hungry from all the green stuff in between can make a delicious salad, meat salad for example.

bonuses and winnings

As with all slot machines there are also Fields of Fortune symbols that pay off well, and some that pay off rather little. The deck of cards made from vegetables contains the lowest symbols in the game. The symbols that pay high winnings are the animal flowers and the gardening tools.

The special symbols here are the scatter and wild symbols. Let’s start with the scatters. The scatter symbol is a signpost that says “Scatter”. When three or more scatter symbols land on the reels, the Free Spins feature is triggered and the player receives Free Spins. He can then choose between spinning carrots or parsnips. Then there is the Scarecrow, which is a Power Scatter icon. When the feature bet is activated, the total bet is doubled and scatters are increased. The Power Scatter is used. If the scatter is increased, these free spins can even trigger a position above or below the reels.

There are expanding wild symbols in Fields of Fortune. Wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, then expand and fill the entire reel. The rose is the wild symbol here and it turns from a cute rose girl into a lovely rose lady (if you can even say that about a flower…). However, the rose only expands if a profit can be made. The flower symbols can also turn into wild under the right circumstances and then become full-grown monster flowers. The dandelion is then no longer a small cute lion, but a huge teeth-bleeding lion! You can replace any symbol, except streuboni.

Fields of Fortune also offers free spins. There are two free game modes, the carrot game and the parsnip game. Both free play modes run until the player hits four scatters on the last reel.

With the carrot variant, the multiplier is increased when a scatter appears. In the parsnip mode there is the variant that one of the higher symbols turns into a game as soon as a scatter appears.

This way you can make good profits! Who has nothing against a lot of green stuff, maybe even vegetarians, but also nothing against psychoactive plants (because these are definitely …), he will feel comfortable with Fields of Fortune. We were able to achieve quite a nice turnover and would therefore say: try it over study!

Superman Slot: NextGen Gaming with Super Jackpot, Bonuses and Wilds

Superman is a fictional personality and comic icon with several million fans worldwide. The superhero, who made his first appearances in an American comic by Jerry Siegel and illustrator Joe Shuster, is a hero from the world of DC comics. Superman is a true classic that has been commercialized very often. Radio shows, TV shows, movies, comics, video games – the only thing missing to complete the range was a slot machine. As expected, this time too NextGen Gaming, the manufacturer that already owns many other DC Comics licenses, has secured the right to resurrect the superhero of the planet Krypton. With this original title consisting of 5 reels and 20 payment lines, the manufacturer really sets new standards with regard to animations and bonuses.

Slip into your superhero costume…

The Superman video slot machine refers to the very first comics of the superhero. So the background and the game environment show the city of Metropolis, its skyscrapers and other impressive buildings. Superman, of course, deserves his own icon and appears in his most representative costume: a red-blue-yellow leotard, pantyhose and tight boots. Superman also has the “S” logo on his chest, as it was designed in the 1960s. Other characters in the game include the charming Louis Lane, Daily Globe journalist, and the nefarious Lex Luthor, mayor and most important political representative of the city. The Superman slot machine stands out for its record stakes. Despite a minimum bet of one cent, you have to bet the maximum amount of €1,200 if you want to hit the jackpot. So let’s look at the jackpot. It’s just as great as our hero with the red cape and is estimated at €200,000! With so much money you can buy as many Superman costumes as you want.

…and defeat the evil!

The wild symbol of the game, represented by our muscular superhero, can appear anywhere on the screen and turn the standard icons into winning icons. The Superman slot machine has a total of 50 standard winning lines. You can improve your chances of winning at any time by clicking on the “Bonus Bet” button. With this brand new system, you no longer only play with 50 payment lines, but with 60! To get back to Superman, it allows you to win free rounds if at least three times its symbol appears on the reels at the same time. Finally, don’t forget that with the only bonus symbol in the Superman logo game, you can unblock the minigame “Save the World”. If you can do that, you’ll have to make your way through a meteor shower, destroy Lex Luthor’s missiles, and finally track and eliminate him to his secret hideout.

Dragonz Slot: Microgaming Automat looks childish but has it in it

We have already found the seven Dragonballs, but it was certainly not easy. In numerous episodes we had to watch two Super Saiyajins face each other and sweat. So many hours went by where we couldn’t do our homework. Is this going on with Dragon now and is it worth playing the slot machine with the cute little dragons?

In our test we will check if Dragonz, if the new slot machine from Microgaming can tie in with the quality of Lost Vegas, or if you can lean back a little more. Of course, we hope Microgaming will maintain its high quality standards and have therefore carefully checked Dragonz for our popular Technical Features criteria, such as bonuses and winnings. The result is now!

Technical Features

Dragonz is a 5 reel slot machine with 3 symbols per reel. This feature is always very popular among players because most players follow this format and the player knows where he is. The more paylines the better and so you can look forward to having 243 ways to win at Dragonz. One of these ways will always be free, won’t it?

When you spin the reels and get the symbols going, it’s almost like Sunday nights in front of the TV. Good entertainment promises not only the exciting game principle, but also the loving and at the same time modern presentation. Childlike kites that have just dropped their bottle join other kites that no longer need diapers. In short, Dragonz completely relies on cute kites that appear to our complete satisfaction on a graphically outstanding level.

So you’ve got a desire to play? Then you should know with what budget you can play Dragonz. As usual with Microgaming, you can bet coins of different denominations and decide how many coins you want to bet per line. While the coin value is only selectable from 1 to 5 cents, you can bet up to 15 coins on a line or just leave it at one coin. Due to the high number of winning combinations, you can bet from 40 cents to 30 euros.

bonuses and winnings

All the technical aspects of the game put aside, you can win money with Dragonz at all?

As you can imagine, the payout behavior of Dragonz has nothing to do with the little dragons. In fact, a slot machine doesn’t care if it’s on Wrigley’s or Rolex’s reels – payouts are always independent. So now we can fully concentrate on the features of bonuses and winnings.

Dragonz of course has a wild symbol. Do I need an explanation? Doesn’t everyone already know that a wild symbol replaces all other symbols? Well, then we all agree that we don’t have to explain it long and wide first. Only this much maybe: Wild symbols can’t replace all symbols, but only regular symbols and no scatter.

Apropos Scatter: The scatter symbol occurs randomly and has to be sighted only twice and already the win is certain. The more scatter you see, the higher the winnings.

But that’s not all. The scatter only has to appear three times and there are free spins. How these free spins are played depends on which dragon is diving out. Is it Flint, the red dragon, or is it Switch, Frost and Gobble? All four dragons sweeten the free spins with features like a fire that makes rolling wild. So thanks to all the extras, Dragonz is a worthy game that you as a player should definitely have a look at. The graphics are strong and the winnings are numerous.

Peek a Boo Slot: Microgaming makes you a Ghost and Bonus Hunter

“Trick or treat” will be what the creative heads of Microgaming thought when they developed the online slot Peek-a-Boo. We’re not angry about that at all, because the Halloween-themed slot is extremely cute!

Are you afraid of ghosts? A confrontation therapy can sometimes work wonders, our therapist has betrayed us. If you want to dare, grab a flashlight and some Valium (of course only after consulting your doctor or pharmacist) and simply mutate from being afraid to a Ghostbuster!

You will quickly notice that you should face your ghosts, then it is not so creepy anymore. Especially if you are rewarded with a big profit account. Feel like a child who goes from door to door on Halloween day and comes home with full bags.

We have tested the game for you, are still alive and have found a new favourite slot!

Technical features

Peek-a-Boo comes with sporty five rollers and 40 paylines and with 0.40 up to 100 coins you are there. Become a Ghost Hunter and help the main character eliminate all creepy creatures!

Once you’ve overcome your first fear and licked blood, you won’t be able to get enough of it anymore. So it’s good to know that you can play the game (almost) anytime and anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. Whether in the waiting room of the doctor, therapist or tax consultant, in the university or – only recommended for advanced students – even in the dark cellar. If you don’t have a cellar and are really in the mood for a test of courage, you will surely find an empty demolition house somewhere.

In our opinion the soundtrack sounds like a funny mixture of Dracula and Casino – Lobby. We can’t describe it properly, just listen to it for yourself. We find the music to be very special but definitely appropriate.

You’ll find not only the creepy ghosts in this machine, but also lots of cute prize symbols in the form of sweets. On Halloween day you should have them in your house in multiple versions. And also in this slot machine it is worth it, because three times the same candy on your screen gives you plenty of profit on your account!

Your hunting instinct will definitely be awakened here, because with every ghost you successfully extinguish, neon light flickers and the ghost meter on your screen fills up. The main player on your left side of the screen helps you to win 10 free pins as fast as possible. If you’re lucky, three more will be added during the free spins round. Now please calculate for yourself how many free spins you can reach?

Wuuuuuuuuuu, yes, we admit…that’s a bit scary! It gets really exciting when you discover the smaller brothers of the big spirit on the reels. That smells like a lot more free pins!

bonuses and winnings Game description

If you play Peek-a-Boo, you have a whole 1024 ways to win. You now know what to do. You are a ghostbuster and help the main character with the neon weapon to defeat the ghosts and collect them in the ghostmeter. You will be rewarded with super cash prizes until the Ghost Meter is finally full and you can receive your well-deserved 10 Free Spins, which may even be increased to 13. 40 profit lines ensure maximum chances of winning!

The candy symbols stand for the slightly smaller winnings, the four differently colored ghosts pay a little more.

During the free spins it becomes particularly exciting when the first three symbols are the same. Then the fourth and fifth reels spin again. If the same symbol appears again on reel number four, you get another chance with a Respin of the fifth reel. This mysterious phenomenon is called the Spooky Reels and is just like the Super Stacked Wilds a special feature in Peek-a-Boo.

We think we don’t have to tell you more to convince you that Peek-a-Boo is great fun and brings very nice winnings. Never before has horror been so worthwhile!