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Spectra Slot: Thunderkick knows that the payout matters

Did you learn at school that all colours are a combination of red, blue and green? This theory is also called the three-color theory. This was especially useful when painting with watercolors, because if you did it right, only three colors were needed to create all colors.

Spectral colors, on the other hand, are the perceived colors of a certain wavelength of light. These spectral colors are particularly pure. Although there are theoretically an infinite number of such colors, there are usually six different spectral colors. Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet.

What does all this have to do with Spectra? The spectral colors are the topic of Spectra games by Thunderkick. They will be literally bombarded with the glowing and flashing spectral colors. And believe us, it looks fantastic!

Technical features

Thunderkick has created a slot machine with 5 reels and 4 symbols per reel. That’s nice to know, but do you know what’s even better? 30 paylines! Enough to win something at one or the other extreme spin, if you would look into the tube otherwise.

As with every other game from Thunderkick, selecting the bets is extremely simple. Simply select a coin value and the lye is ready. €0.10 up to €100 are possible per spin. Sounds simple, it is, and that’s why this slot machine is perfect for mobile gaming. No matter if iPhone or Android, everything is no problem.

The slot machine looks like a further development of Glow, the slot from NetEnt. Glow already looked good, Spectra is the perfection of the slot machine technology. Beautiful colours with full colour tones on a dark background. Glowing, sparkling symbols and beams of light that shine from the background onto the action. If that sounds good, wait and see what Spectra will look like on your laptop!

Bonuses and winnings

First of all: If you like a lot of different bonuses, you will be disappointed at Spectra. This slot focuses on the wild symbols and nothing else. And you know what? In reality this is much better than it sounds here!

On the one hand the wild symbols rarely come alone. Often you see not only one, but two, three, even four symbols on top of each other on a roll. The message to you: A whole roller full of wild symbols means almost certain winnings!

However Thunderkick puts one more on it. Reels on which a wild symbol sits are nudged. This means as much as, the reel is rotated one position further and another Wild symbol appears on the now free position. You don’t even have to pay anything, no, it’s a so-called re-spin.

We’re dealing with a slot machine with a spin, where the wild symbol is held. If a Joker stack appears on or next to a payline, there is another spin whose winnings are added to the original winnings.

Thunderkick has provided Spectra with a 96.4% win rate. This is better than the odds on most other slot machines and absolutely worth mentioning, especially considering that the symbols themselves pay very little. The most valuable symbol is the joker with 20 coins, which is equivalent to a win of €2000 when fully bet.

Do not forget that the jokers very often cause several profit lines to be active at the same time. That means winnings of €10,000 and more are very possible!