Hugo Slot: Play’n GO sends the little guy on the reels

Nov 17, 2017 Hot Topics, Slots

Hugo Slot: Play’n GO sends the little guy on the reels

Thanks to Play’n GO!

Finally our hero of the early 90s is back. Hugo slept a long time after rescuing his family from the Hexana cave. But now he’s back and none other than Play’n GO shows the little troll the way to online casinos. We players can understand Hugo’s motivation well, because we know that the casino is the most beautiful place in the world!

Yes, Hugo is actually a game for children, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play the slot machine even if you’re a child. Because if you watched the Hugo series on TV in the early 90s, you’re definitely old enough to decide which game to play! Hugo is a classic and can be celebrated by young and old with exactly the same level of dedication.

We have looked at Hugo’s latest adventure and tell you if it’s worth reviving your childhood memories with this slot machine!

Technical Features

You can expect Play’n GO to deliver graphics that meet modern demands. And this is exactly the case. A beautiful design of the world, an authentic Hugo and a detailed symbol design make this machine an optical delicacy.

With regard to the game mechanics, Hugo is a completely normal slot machine. And we definitely mean that in a positive sense! All functions, which you also get with other slot machines, can be found with Hugo again.

The player can react with bets between one cent and 100 euros to his personal budget and play long, safe sessions, but also go the whole hog and increase the stake.

On the five reels you can see symbols such as numbers, dynamite, the evil Hexana, Hugo himself and much more. When the symbols are part of a prize, the fun really starts and the symbols are animated!

Nice detail: If you sit idly in front of the screen for a while, Hugo knocks on the screen and says, “Hello, someone at home? The fact that the synchronization of the lip movement and the sound is not quite exact doesn’t bother much and contributes to the charm of the machine.

Hugo can also be played excellently on a mobile phone. As the name Play’n GO already expresses, their games all let you play excellently on the go. Provided you have a working internet connection.

bonuses and winnings

Hugo is not too bad for any adventure. He runs through the woods, scrambles around in caves and fights evil adversaries. The player’s task is to lead Hugo through the cave in a bonus game and accumulate wealth in the process.

You have to decide which branches Hugo should take and which doors he should open to win the bonus game. If you get this far, keep a cool head and make a decision with a steady hand.

However, apart from the bonus game, there are a few things a good player should keep in mind. On the one hand wild symbols are waiting for you. These not only replace all other symbols, but also double the winnings!

anxious people should not look away when Hexana has her appearance. Because Hexana is the scatter in this game, who in addition to the other wins in the round brings a win.

Finally you should get the free spins. Also for this there is a scatter, for which it is worthwhile to play one or the other round more, in order to increase the chance of it!